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Who Are We

The mission of Creative Avenue Music School (CAMS) is to renew a passion for musicianship within the hearts of both young and old.  CAMS desires to see music be accessible to all K-12 students with little to no experience in music. 

Creative Avenue Music School has existed in the hearts of Justin and Jessica Watkins since 2013.

Jessica grew up on the west side of Dayton, Ohio and was afforded the opportunity to learn to play the violin and piano at Jefferson Montessori School, a former Dayton Public School, and Stivers School for the Arts, where she served as an adjunct violin professor for a number of years. 


Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Justin grew up playing both piano and drums and developed a love for the art and craft of music. Justin became an accomplished musician and played drums for many notable Gospel music artists. 


Both Justin and Jessica still actively serve in the music community and desire to inspire both young and old to learn new musical skills that can create opportunities for themselves beyond their wildest imaginations!

Creative Avenue Music School seeks to provide an outlet for creative development, social-emotional growth, as well as providing an opportunity for children to increase in skills that build life-long learners.  

Image by Jordan Whitfield

Creative Avenue Music School aligns with the draft of Ohio's 2022 Learning Standards for Fine Arts: Music. Creating: Artists use creative thinking and reasoning skills to perceive concepts and ideas to develop works. Performing: Artists employ personal processes and skills to solve problems creatively and present work in various contexts. Responding: Artists engage in analysis and interpretation to understand and evaluate artistic works. Connecting: Artists understand and communicate the value of creative expressions in internal and external contexts. You can read more about Ohio's Learning Standards for Music through Ohio's Department of Education website:

What We Offer:


  • Beginner 

  • Intermediate

  • Gospel/Contemporary Christian piano


  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced


  • Gospel/Contemporary Christian drums


  • Beginner

  • Gospel/Contemporary Christian voice

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